Fw: Howard Robinson's 60th birthday conference

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Mon Sep 19 10:24:59 CEST 2005

Themes from the philosophy of Howard Robinson

20th September 2005
CEU Philosophy Department, Budapest, Hungary

9.30 - 9.40
Opening remarks
   --Katalin Farkas (CEU)

9.40 - 11:10
Aristotelian and Cartesian Dualisms
Chair: Robert Frazier (Oxford)
   --Gabor Betegh (CEU), Istvan Bodnar (ELTE and CEU),
      and Hong Yu Wong (UCL)

11.30 - 13
Dispositions, Matter, and Idealism
Chair: Penelope Mackie (Nottingham)
   --Barry Dainton (Liverpool) and Ferenc Huoranszki (CEU)


14.30 - 16
The Knowledge Argument
Chair: Barry Loewer (Rutgers)
   --Katalin Balog (Yale) and Tim Crane (UCL)

16.30 - 18
Chair: David Owens (Sheffield)
   --Paul Snowdon (UCL)

All talks to take place at CEU Philosophy Department, Zrínyi utca
14, 4th floor, room 412.

Inquiries about the conference should be directed to Hong Yu Wong at
h.wong at ucl.ac.uk
Conference URL = http://www.ceu.hu/phil/news_events.htm 

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