The Doctoral School of Philosophical Sciences was established in 1993 and accredited for the first time in the same year. Due to juristic changes, the School has undergone several accreditation procedures, of which the last one took place in 2015. At present, the School structurally integrates the following institutions of Eötvös University, Faculty of Humanities: Philosophical Institute, Institute for the Theory of Art and Media Studies, Institute of Art History, Center for Religious Studies. Functionally, the doctoral education is divided into doctoral programs established and sustained by the above four institutions.

Head of the Doctoral School

Professor Gábor BOROS
Phone / Fax: +361 485 52 39

E-mail: boros.gabor [[a]]

Secretary of the Doctoral School

Meggyesi Zsófia
Phone: +361 485 52 00 / 5457
E-mail: meggyesi.zsofia [[a]]

Board of the Doctoral School

The members of the Board of the Doctoral School are the leaders of the doctoral programs of the School. President of the Board is the current head of the School. The deputy head of the School and the deputy president of the Board are elected by the leaders of the programs from among the leaders of the programmes running. The current constitution of the Doctoral Board is as follows: Prof Béla BACSÓ; Prof Gábor BOROS; Prof István M. FEHÉR CMHAS; Prof Péter GYÖRGY; Prof Csaba OLAY; Prof László E. SZABÓ; Prof Tamás ULLMANN; Prof Kornél STEIGER; and Senior Lecturer Zsófia ZVOLENSZKY.