Title Formal philosophy of Language
Code BMA-FILD-401.67, BMA-LOTD-403.02, BMI-LOTD-202E.03, BMI-LOTD-403E.03, BMVD-020.17, BBN-FIL-311.03, BBN-FIL-401.67, BBV-020.17, BMA-FILD-311.03, BMA-LOTD-202.03
Lecturer Mekis Péter
Time and venue Wednesday 13:00-14:30 D -102 (basement) --- Moved to the department: i226!
Description Until the late 1960s, there was a consensus among logicians, linguists, and philosophers of language that the semantics of formalized languages and the semantics of natural languages cannot be studied in the same framework. Between 1969 and 1971, Richard Montague wrote three very influential papers, in which he proved that important parts of natural language semantics can be approached with model-theoretical tools. This brought about a revolution in linguistics, and had a huge impact on the philosophy of language, too.

In the course we are going to introduce Montague's framework, as well as some later developments.
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