Title Frameworks for the Logical Modeling of Natural Language
Code BMA-LOTD-401.03, BMI-LOTD-401E.03, BBN-FIL-402.108, BMA-FILD-402.108
Lecturer Mekis Péter
Time and venue Tuesday 16:00-17:30 i129
Description This course is for students at a somewhat advanced level; familiarity with possible worlds semantics and higher-order logic is recommended. Attendees without this preliminary logic will be given help to close up.

We investigate a number of important technical frameworks used in post-Montagovian formal semantics since the 1980s. The frameworks to be covered will depend o student demand; but they will include
  • update semantics;
  • discourse representation theory;
  • game theoretical semantics.

After introducing and formally investigating these frameworks, we will also compare them in terms of their technical capabilities, the range of the natural language phenomena they cover, and also from the viewpoint of contemporary philosophy of language.

  • Benthem, J. van & Meulen, A. ter, Handbook of Logic and Language. Elsevier, 1997.

(other items may be included, depending on the range of frameworks to be included)