module code title credit contact hours
Background Courses
(Example - Philosophy BA with Found. of Physics module)
A1 Calculus
A2 Vector calculus
A3 Mechanics
A4 Electrodynamics
A5 Atom and quantum physics
A6 Fundaments of statistical Physics

Core Courses T1 Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Science 4 45
T2 Theories of Meaning 4 45
T3 Metatheory 8 90
T4 Philosophy of Science 8 90
T5 Basic Problems of Metaphysics 4 45
T6 Science and Metaphysics 4 45
T7 Logic and Philosophy of Science Seminar I-II 8 90

Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics LM1.1 Advanced and Abstract Model Theory 4 45
LM1.2 Logical Foundations of Special Relativity
LM2.1 Proof Theory and Logic Programming 4 45
LM2.2 Non-standard Analysis
LM2.3 Logical Foundations of General Relativity
LM3.1 Static and Dynamic Theories of Meaning 5 45
LM3.2 Foundations of Mathematics in First-order versus Higher-order Logic
LM4.1 Alternative Set Theories 4 45
LM4.2 Resolving Apparent Circularities in Foundations
LM4.3 Paradoxes, Circularity, Wellfoundedness
LM5.1 Algebraic Logic 4 45
LM5.2 Structuralism, Categories, and Algebraic Logic
LM6.1 Absoluteness of Logics 4 45
LM6.2 Theory of Definitions. Applications in the Methodology of Sciences.
LM6.3 Physicalist Account of Mathematics
LM7.1 Computability 4 45
LM7.2 Frege Arithmetic

Logic in Linguistics N1 Compositionality 4 45
N2 Linguistics and Cognitive Science 5 45
N3 same as LM3

N4 Rules, Representations, Formalisms 4 45
N5 Temporality in Natural Language 4 45
N6 Computational Knowledge Representation 4 45
N7 Meaning and Reference 4 45

Models in the Social Sciences TT1 Max Weber and the Methodology of Social Sciences 4 45
TT2 Types of Explanation in the Social and Historical Sciences 4 45
TT3 Rational Choice Theory 3 45
TT4 Political Science with Economic Methods 4 45
TT5 Methodological Individualism 4 45
TT6 Game Theory and the Social Sciences 9 90

Foundations of Physics F1 same as LM1

F2 same as LM2

F3 Quantum Mechanics as Non-classical Probability Theory 4 45
F4 Empirical vs. Theoretical Concepts of Physics 4 45
F5 No-go Theorems of Quantum Mechanics 4 45
F6 Interpretations of Quantum Theory 9 90