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Direction of Time and Foundations of Statistical Physics

Mon 16:00-17:30  Room 221 (Múzeum krt. 4./i)

First class: September 17

Language: English


Basic Readings:

  • Huw Price:  Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point : New Directions for the Physics of Time, Oxford Univ. Press, 1996.
  • Lawrence Sklar: Physics and Chance: Philosophical Issues in the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics, Cambridge: CUP 1993.
  • Hemmo, M. and Shenker, O.R.:  The Road to Maxwell's Demon: Conceptual Foundations of Statistical Mechanics, Cambridge: CUP 2012.

Credit requirements:

Oral exam from the material of my lectures + active participation in the discussions + one oral presentation on a selected topic


Records and slides

  TTK-s és IK-s BSc hallgatók!

Filozófia minor

TTK-s és IK-s BSc hallgatók!
Logika és tudományelmélet MA szak

Master's in Logic and Theory of Science

(in English)

The curriculum includes core courses in logic and formal approaches to philosophy of science, and advanced optional courses in logic, philosophy of mathematics, foundations of physics, logical methods in linguistics, philosophy of language, metaphysics, and formal models in social sciences. Students can choose a focus according to their own fields of interests. In general, the program is research oriented, aiming to prepare students for a PhD program.

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